VMware vRealize Automation ITSM Application 8.2 is available now in the ServiceNow Store here 
VMware vRealize Automation speeds up the delivery of infrastructure and application resources through a policy-based self-service portal, running on-premises or as a service that help organizations increase business, IT agility, productivity, and efficiency.

The solution delivers Day 1 service provisioning and Day2 operational capabilities across a private, hybrid and multi-cloud with the ability to assemble application blueprints using a visual canvas with a drag and drop interface as well as create infrastructure as code blueprints. 

The vRealize Automation ITSM plugin for ServiceNow provides an out of the box integration between ServiceNow  and vRealize Automation catalog and governance model. It enables ServiceNow users to deploy virtual machines and perform basic day 2 operations on their CMDB assets.

In this video blog series we are going to cover :

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  1. Thank you. Very nice and detail explanation. I was able to install de plugin, I can see the projects and catalog items. But every time the MID Server synchronizes, all the catalog items disappear, son I have to run an import job. Has anyone seen this situation before?

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